How to apply Baby Hair Mesh on IMVU Classic

Quick tutorial on how to apply our  Baby Hair Mesh:

IMVU Studio Tutorial here.

Step 1:

Find the baby hair that comes with the hairstyle and replace it with a full black opacity.

Step 2:

Uncheck “Use Blending”

Step 3:

Click the “+ Add” button.

Step 4:

Type “73” as a Mesh ID. (We recommend 70-79 IDs to reduce the conflicts with clothing accessories).

Step 5: 

Click the “+ Add .XMF” button and apply your Baby Hair Mesh file.

Two new slots should appear: 100 (frontal) 101 (nape).

Step 6:

Now you can apply your textures (left) and opacitys (right) and check “Use Blending”.


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