How to apply Baby Hair Mesh on IMVU Studio

Quick tutorial on how to apply our Baby Hair Mesh:

IMVU Classic Tutorial here.

Step 1: Open a New Project

Click the "+" button on the main screen.

Step 2: Find the Product ID 

Here are a few ways to find your product ID:

IMVU web:

IMVU web classic:


Or, just scroll down on the same page until you spot a number next to "Product," like this:

Add the Product ID to IMVU Studio and check "PID."

Click "derive" on the right side of the screen.

Step 3:  Remove the default baby hair mesh

Find the baby hair that comes with the hairstyle and replace it with a full black opacity.

Change blending to "Alpha Test" and Threshold to 0.01.

Step 4: Add the .XMF mesh file

Select the second icon on the left menu and click "Mesh."

Type "73" as a Mesh ID. (We recommend 70-79 IDs to reduce the conflicts with clothing accessories). Click "Add".

Click on "Asset"

Scroll down and click on "Add New XMF"

 Select your Baby Hair Mesh

Two new slots should appear: 100 (frontal) 101 (nape).

Click on "Material"

Edit each material individually, you can apply your textures (diffuse) and opacities (opacity).

Change blending to "Composite Blend"

 Here i'm using Blonde Cap Textures and Helena Baby Hair Opacity 



Now you know how to apply our Baby Hair Mesh  using IMVU Studio.

Check out our Baby Hair Opacitys and Cap Sets for a realistic look.






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