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Carrot Cap Textures PACK

Carrot Cap Textures PACK

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This product includes 6x .png Cap Textures. (front and nape)

1x. Carrot  Cap Textures

1x. Carrot  Swoop Cap Textures

1x. Carrot  Sleek Cap Textures

 Baby Hair Mesh and Baby hair Opacity NOT included.

We recommend using it with Carrot Hair Texture.

By purchasing these files:

You agree to register your avatar name and catalog ID in our licensing records.

You may not resell, donate, transfer or exchange any purchased texture.

Do not set to derivable.

You can use these files ONLY in your IMVU creator catalog.

If you want to use the textures on a 2nd catalog, you need to make a new purchase. Keep purchases for your different catalogs separate by using different Korsy Shop login details for each catalog.

Never use the files on any other catalog before having acquired a new license.



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